When the Tag Suite was originally released in 2003, it was named NLM Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite. The move to standardize the Suite means that the NLM is no longer the owner of the Suite. To reflect that shift and to make the delineation clear between the NLM DTDs and the NISO standard, the NISO working group made the decision to officially re-name the Suite. The Journal Article Tag Suite—JATS for short—marks the beginning of the NISO standard. The version numbering was restarted for the same reason that the name was changed: to make the delineation clear between the NLM DTD project and the NISO Standard. Although the name and version numbers have shifted, NISO JATS 1.0 is a fully backward-compatible, revision to version 3.0 of the NLM Tag Suite and article models.